04. November 2015 · Comments Off on Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting Thorley Drive Pavillion 12th November 7.45pm · Categories: Club Meetings

MeetingAs you will know the club is in the process in taking over the Youth Club in Kingsley.

One of the requirements of the proposed take over is that we need to be a registered Charity to comply with the wording of the trust deed.

Club Officials  met with a solicitor on Tuesday to discuss the matter and we feel that the best way forward is for the club to become a Foundation Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

This structure has trustees directing the organisation (but with limited liability – as little as £1) and a management committee sitting under it running the club on a day to day basis.

The alternative sees a large membership with all the data protection and management issues that brings.

To allow the club to move forward we are seeking the approval of the club’s members / volunteers.

We are up against the clock as there is as always a timescale to complete this so we have arranged a short meeting at Thorley Drive at 7.45pm on Thursday 14th November.

I appreciate its another night out but its an important time in the clubs development and we want to be sure that everyone has a say and understands where we are going.

Attached is  a model constitution for a CIO and it includes some guidance and links to the relevant web sites. It may answer some of your questions.

Please let your parents and players know – they may not want to attend but they may have questions you can ask on their behalf.