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InspiredAs many within the club will be aware and will have taken part we conducted a survey across all age groups regarding the Kingsley Community Centre plan. Briefly the club has been offered the pitch and building at the former Youth and Community Centre for free on the understanding that we bring it back into use. We have secured around £20,000 of funding already including a sizeable sum from the County Council who currently are part of the trust deed covering the site.

The clubs plan is to renovate the building and to make it a base for the club and some  of its teams. The single pitch will not of course accommodate all teams and even though we would use the nearby St Werburgh’s School pitch we will still need to use the leisure centre and some of our current pitches.

The club has submitted a bid for funding to Sport England that will renovate the building and along with donations  of time will see the site transformed. Careful scrutiny of the likely running costs has left the committee content that the building and site can be maintained without affecting the clubs financial wellbeing.

Over a period of less than a week in November and December last year  we received over 150 replies which saw players, parents and supports all having their say on the plans.

The highlights of the survey revealed that over 98% of respondents thought the project was a good or excellent idea. No one thought it was a bad idea and less than 2% thought it was just okay. We feel that is a very strong mandate for what we are striving to achieve.

Respondents reasoning for the project drew strong support for improving player performance due to an excellent playing surface, raising funds from the site to raise funds for the club and to cut costs by playing on our own pitch.

9 respondents felt that the project would have a negative effect, citing that the club were taking on a liability, that clubs funds would be eaten into and that we should share with another club. As stated the club are confident that from a financial point of view the project is not a liability. As regards pitch sharing we are not aware of any clubs in the locality with their own pitch and who would be willing to ground share.

We are confident that the club can sustain the premises and the ground swell of support if transferred into physical support at events etc will ensure that.

The breakdown of respondents showed a good spread from both coaches, volunteers and parents /supporters as well as parents.

Several respondents took the opportunity to comment on the project, some raised concerns (around finance and parking in the main plus distance from Cheadle) which we addressed in an update to Sport England.

The club currently has three sides playing on the pitch at Kingsley and all involved did a tremendous job in the summer in getting the pitch and surrounding area into shape. The club know from feedback  of those currently playing at the site and observing the games in progress that there is a real sense of ownership even now from all involving. There is a real sense of optimism around the ground and this project.

The club hope to hear the result of  their bid for Sport England funding In April.

Below are links to the whole survey results and those results provided by respondents identifying themselves as players.

General Results

 Player Survey Results


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