Club Vision

Cheadle South Moorlands United have a Club Vision to provide a safe environment for people of all ages to participate, develop, improve and enjoy football. We will encourage, develop and improve coaches, including volunteers, to support the needs of young people in our community.

Our Aim

Is to ensure the club has the appropriate legal structure, has the right people and processes in place to allow the club to operate effectively and efficiently, in order to sustain it’s activities. To ensure the club is managed and run effectively in accordance with FA guidelines and to provide structure, management and leadership to successfully deliver a Football Development Plan.

Retain and Increase Participation

To support and retain all existing players and teams within the club and look to develop opportunities where gaps in provision exist locally. This will introduce new male and female players to the game as well as promote and encourage all opportunities the club offers to the local and surrounding areas.

Player Development – Better Young Players

To create a positive environment for every player and allow them to develop key essential skills to reach his or her potential. Ensure player pathways exist to aid player development and ensure teams compete at appropriate levels of competition.

Coach Development

To recruit, develop and retain a coaching workforce that supports player development and retention. To develop a support structure for coaches within the club ensuring they can continue to develop, learn and remain motivated. Provide an environment where coaches are supported and rewarded.

Supporting the Football Workforce

To ensure the club has the right people in place to run the club and that all volunteers feel supported and valued in what they do. Look to divide responsibilities across all available people within the club to lighten the load on existing volunteers and look to introduce new volunteers periodically. Maintain, develop, promote and support an effective volunteering environment within the club.

Improving Playing & Training Facilities

To identify and secure the required facilities for fixtures and training, catering for the expected growth identified in the development plan. Access support to improve the quality of the playing surfaces and changing facilities. Maintain the existing club facilities with focus on growth and improvement.